Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Heros Anyone?

So what happens when your church camp has a Super Hero themed week?
You make 5 super hero capes for the kids in your Sunday School!
I worked very hard, wrestling that satin, using fusible web for the insignia's and hemming them.
You know what? I found them harder than some of my Regency clothes!
Anyways-Hope you like!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jane Austen Costumed Promenade Dress!

 Well, Hello Readers!
I have less than 2 months before I fly to England to attend the Bath Jane Austen Festival.
I will be going with the Sensibility Pattern Tour!
After finishing Rachel's Dress, I have been working on my Promenade Dress! It consists of my white drawstring dress I made using this pattern
After that dress was finished months ago-I knew I needed a spencer jacket. I bought fabric cut it out-all was well, until I spilled glue all over from a project I was doing at the same time. I was in the middle of making my fake American Duchess shoes-watch video here -alas and the glue I was using to attach trim RUINED my Spencer!!!!!
I was basing if off this Spencer I found on Etsy. (I could not find the actual link to it-so if this was yours, comment and I'll give you credit!)
Isn't it lovely?

Well, with my spoilt fabric, I was crushed. Spent a whole night worrying with no sleep-yes I get emotional over fabric-please pass the kleenex lol!
Then the next day-the 4th, dawned bright and beautiful and Emily and I went to our local Thrift Store sale-and the heavens OPENED!!!
Or at least so it seemed to me! God was in it though- I know He was. He cares about my worries and provided for me in His typical way-via drapes in the Linen department. I will not tell you the amount I paid for two curtain panels,  but needless to say it was a pittance, and 1/2 off that!
With so very much more fabric than expected, I decided to make a Pelisse (or long jacket- with the same style as the original inspiration piece!)
I do not claim 100% Historical Accuracy, indeed I made the decision before hand to take inspiration from a variety of repro's and existing era garments, and throw my own ideas in the mix. The result is something I am IN LOVE with.
I spent bunches of time on details-pipping, lining, wide collar, decoration, fitting and  stripe matching.
The pattern I basically drafted my self.


 Dips down to a V-shape.
Collar is pipped to contrast white gown underneath.
Inspiration for shawl collar
Inspirtation for v-neck

Here are the dog-leg closures.

Back of Bodice with wide collar and back detail.
Pelisse Back Inspiration 

Front View
again-with sleeve

(The fact that most pelisse's didn't have a puffed upper sleeve, doesn't mean they were not used-link- my upper sleeve is a bit longer, that is all)

 Upper Sleeve decoration inspired by the green repro spencer!
(Notice pipping!)
 Tab is in-cased in sleeve seam.

 Under sleve view!

Better Sleeve view showing it with the rest of garment


The skirt is where I deviated from reg.  Pelisse's. I want a cut-away, halfway-round skirt! I thought it was dashing, but this type of skirt was used in 1790's over gowns, not typically in Pelisse's. 
I made the choice because I liked the look! 

Here you can see how the skirt falls from the bodice.

Observe the skirt lining!

The skirt is deeply pleated-such a nice look, and neater than any gathers I could have made!
Do you think I should add trim on the bottom edge?

Bonnet and Bag
For futher details, I remade an old bonnet, and fashioned a purse!
LOVE how it came out!
The purse is special. Have you ever seen those roll pillows?
Like this:
I have had one on my hope chest for years, and it did not go with my room decor at all. Last night I was looking at it, and became aware it went with my Pelisse! 
I took scissors to it, cut off one end, unstuffed it and trimmed a few inches off, till I had a limp sack the depth I wanted the purse to be (granted , I allowed 2 inches to be turned over for a drawstring). 
What I held in my hand was a sack with a round bottom, all pipped so prettily!
It was just a matter of turning the edge and making the casing, threading a ribbon through it, and adding trim!
What do you think?

Ta da!

Here is the round bottom.
I can hold my cash, a lipstick and my camera in there while we walk around Bath during the festival.

Much Love,
My wonderful friend Theresa, is knitting me a special shawl by hand! Will post that when it is done!
Love you!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Regency Dress for Rachel

 As some of you know, I will be going to England in September with the Sensibility Pattern Tour group!
In early January, when I signed up, I asked Jenni Chancey, our Pattern Queen and Tour Guide, if I could be paired up with another girl to make the trip oversees. 
That is how I met the most incredible friend, Rachel.
It was not long until Rachel and I became very good friends, and with our Plane Tickets having been purchased, we turned to more exciting endervours-our wardrobe for the Jane Austen Festival Promenade and Ball.
It was for the Bath 2013 Grand ball which promoted Rachel and I to plan a fabulous gown for herself!
She sent me the materiel and (God Bless her she has a lot of trust in me!)  said to go for it-do what I want.
So, after a month of sewing CAREFULLY, taking my time and fiddling to no end, here it is.
For a full run down, and a look at the back-watch this video!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Some days we just need to remember this.
We don't have to measure up, or meet some kind of standard,
He is with us no matter what.

In Peace