Sunday, November 3, 2013

Handmade Bible Cover

 My latest project is not the typical kinda thing I usually sew. I am mainly a garment-sewing gal, but every so often, I delve off the straight and narrow and do something different. The result is I feel mighty clever.

My dear Bible has needed a cover for some time, and after making one for my Mom last year, I figured it was time to make one for myself.
All I needed was 3/4 yard of pre-quilted cotton, and my sewing machine.
The pre-quilted cotton can be found at Joannes in a wide selection of prints. It is made-up of two cotton fabrics with batting in the middle and then quilted together. Each side of the pre-quilted cotton is different. You can see how I used both sides of one cut of my fabric since it is a reversible fabric.
I basically took the measurement of the leather cover of my bible and then added 6inches to either side and as a result cut one lone rectangle that covers the enter book and could fold at the ends to slip over each cover. 

I then cut another identacle rectangle and with right side together stitched around. The whole thing got flipped inside out-and you have rectangle with no raw sides.
 I folded the sides over,
and stitched along the outside edges to hold the flaps in place.
 See how part of the rectangle is folded to the inside and stitched with a whip-stitch to create flaps for my Bible to slip into?

Here you can see the even stitches.

 The tab that snaps the cover shut is very handy to keep loose papers in my Bible secure.

I have never installed a metal snap like this before!
I pounded it in with my grommet setter.

The pocket is a neat carrier for pens and small pads.

The straps surround the whole cover for extra support.
The bow adds a special touch of girly-ness.

What do you think?
I feel really blessed to have such a Bible cover!