Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ice Blue Civil War Ball Dress Part 1

 With Christmas Day less than a week away- I am trying to de-stress as much as possible. Sewing has always been my main activity to relieve any pressure I feel-it really clears my mind and generally I like to tackle long projects when I am feeling like this.
But when you sew as much as I do-fabric gets expensive. So imagine my relief when the Lord provided 5 GORGEOUS (not to mention huge) ice-blue drapes at the thrift store for $15. We are talking about 10 yards worth of this high-quality material-which has the feel of a very heavy silk-although I am not sure what it really is.
I have been wanting to make a new Civil War Ballgown and given the amount of yardage I had lying on my hands from these drapes-it seemed the ideal time to start.

But December time is always fraught with distractions-and with my dear parents out of town for a week at the beginning of the month, a church holiday dinner last week, spending time with my grandparents, mailing presents, the Hobbit premier and a dear friend graduating....

Well, I only finished the skirt-the bodice is in the earliest stages.
Hope you like it though!
I really had fun doing a layered skirt with lots (16 yards?) of lace!
Don't ask how I pleated two separate skirts and then attached them to the same waistband. 
Each skirt (the upper and lower) are each over 4 yards long.
It was super fun though. And the volume of the finished skirt is quite impressive. Especially shown as it is here under the hoop.

A panel of lace goes down center of  the top skirt layer-and the pleats work out from the center lace.

It closes nicely in the back with a slight lap-over.

Merry Christmas!