Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog Makeover

Hello Dear friends!
I am re-vamping the blog-seriously! I just spent 2 hours playing around with it, most of the time my blog looking like a complete wreck!
I stumbled over a great site with free vintage backgrounds for you blog!
I will have more posts another day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Regency Brown Taffeta Ball Gown!

 In which you see my new fancy, embordered Ball Gown I hope to wear when I visit England in September during the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath! Yikes! I am so excited..........

(pleased be warned that this long post is full of lovely photos, but horrible grammar errors as I had very little sleep last night and am too tired to edit anymore! Hope you understand! lol)
Thank you dear readers for enduring with me during my slow posting! I have ever so many projects to tell you about, but have only got to this one for now!

You may remember this brown fabric from my posts about Civil War outfits back in January and February.
Well, it never took shape as an 1860 dress and was stashed away few a month or two until I was SURE I wanted to cut into it. I am so in love with the brown fabric, and I waited for it to get discounted at Joannes for what seemed like ages! It was funny that  after I bought it, it sat for awhile. The brown ruched fabric was also from Joannes and I am pleased to say that I got both fabric for under $4 a yard. Which was a God-thing. Totally a Blessing.

When I did start construction, I knew I wanted a fitted dress, as most of my Regency gowns are drawstring and flowy. I have a natural inclination to go for more early Regency, 1790's style drawstring Regency gowns-not the later fitted styles with high-puffed sleeves and what-not. So I went against my grain and what I came out with is nice, I think.
I do not think I ever will be a true down-and-out historically accurate seamstress. I found that out during this dress. I was looking at inpsiration dresses from movies, not actual pieces from the period. Plus, I have a creative spirit and do things so they "look' period, but maybe are not 100% correct. I also have a knack for taking a sleeve idea from here, and a bodice from that dress and--oh look lace, I HAVE to add that!
Yeah...that is how I work! Ever pattern must be changed, details most become my own. 
And heck with accuracy if I get going on ruffles or trim or sleeves that get puffy. 
There is no stopping until I raise my head from the sewing machine at midnight and realize my creativity stages a coup and my plans that I thought out so well are gone.

Luckily, I LOVE the dress and it looks Regency. I had long sleeves on it to begin with because I thought I had remembered seeing some pictures of long-sleeved ball gowns, but no, after much searching it was more of an evening gown than a ball dress. PLUS- need I mention it looked Ren-Faire-ish with lone sleeves?


The embordered stripes
had to go vertically on the bottom, and horizontally on top, or I was afraid of major strip clash where the two seams join top and bottom!

My sleeves have straps to contain puffy-ness which I DO have proof was done. (Yeah!!)
 Even so, the puffiness of the ruched fabric was stitched carefully be hand to lay straight under the straps- it was not just add straps and be done. They were hard to position right.

My neckline has ruffles for fun.
See my stitches attaching the ruffle to the neck?

The only hard part about the
 horizontal stripes was that the bodice parts had to be cute, so they would line-up after being assembled.
See the back? The side pieces were CURVED, and look-they match!

The back skirt only has four
 pleats for a fitted look.

Anyway, God is good and i am enjoying Summer. Hope you all are well, and not suffering from allergies too much.