Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blue Lace Civil War Ball Gown

 At long last, here are the pictures I have promised of my Civil War ball gown!
The dress is three pieces, skirt, bodice and Bertha collar.  I used the Simplicity ball gown bodice as a base, but that is all. I really tweaked the design and made-up the Bertha collar pattern myself. The skirt was basic, needed no pattern, the waist band is hidden under the bodice. The skirt has two layers pleated to a stiffened waistband and fastens with a dog-foot closure in back. The bodice laces in the back with hand-sewn eyelets. Bodice has boning on all seams sewn to the lining layer, so that no boning channels are seen on the outside. The fabric was found at a thrift store in form of drapes! The lace was given to me. I am fully corseted and have my hoop underneath. The crochet gloves were made for me by a dear friend for my birthday.
My cousin Liam is to thank for the awesoem photos.
I hope you enjoy these photos!