Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food, Friends and Thimbles....

 Once upon a weekend, I had a wedding dress to sew, and an empty house due to vacationing family--
 They had a bunch of recipe's and Dr. Who episodes.
We had an idea.
We Sewed,
We Cooked,
We Ate,
We Watched
We Wrote
We Prayed

There were tears of shared sorrow and laughs of happiness.

There were tea cups, of so many piles ,

There was lots of ironing white silk,

Repetitive giggles,

  And bunches of popcorn,

Even a retro popcorn popper!

There were warm hugs over the kitchen-counter,

And constant loving on the dogs,

 One of us knitted,

Once of us worked on a story,

 We all helped in the kitchen,

And shared the fruits of our labor
Once upon a time, there were 4 friends:
-3 Blonde sisters,
-1 Brown-haired girl,

And an Old-Fashioned weekend.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meet Alistair Click and Picture Diary

Please meet my new friend and companion...
Alistair Click.
He is a Canon Rebel Eos T3i.
I worked so hard to save up of him... that was a lot of sewing!
He really was a God-gift, because I got him (in perfect condition)  in a Craiglist deal, with an extra lens and some goodies, so God gets the glory on this one.  So, I am VERY grateful, in a crazy, excited, can't-believe-I-got-a-camera-like-this sort of way.

 So, without further ado... here's a Picture Diary of My July...

 1. Skyping my dear sister who is currently doing water-purification engineering in Ecuador, my little sister has a heart for God and for Missions...

2. Dear friend went to Lancaster P.A and brought me back an Amish Doll...

3. Sewing messes....

4. Sweet Sophie enjoying hot summer evenings...

5. Mom sipping fresh Watermelon Water..

 6. My "encouragement project", posting Bible verses and religious quotes
all over our house...

 7. Flower-Power selfie...

8. A sign given to me by a dear friend...

9. Western style, with thrifted belt-buckle...

 10. Lampost on walk...

11. Reading about the Civil War with my Olaf...

12. Sewing projects for the future....

13. On-going Wedding dress sewing, Dear Mama did a round of steaming my fabric for me..

 God Bless, I have a wedding dress to finish!
Much love, God Bless,


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life and Other Things...

So, life is a funny thing.
It never seems to unfold like we expect.
Why am I surprised by this?
I have lived too many years to not understand the concept that
"God works in mysterious ways" and that "His ways are Higher than our ways" and yet I am always surprised when my life goes in another direction than the one I had planned on.
Like, for instance, this month. By now, I had PLANNED to have lovely photos from the Fort Stanton CW reenactment to show you. I had PLANNED to be packing for church camp. I had planned for a peaceful and restful July.

This was not to be.
I am making a wedding dress for a friend, and must finish it in less than a months time.
See? This is how life works.
My dear friend "D" (who is a few years older than I) has ministered in my life  for many years, all the way through upper highschool and beyond. She is a fabulous child of God, and has always led a pure life.
So, in January, "D" meets "J" while working at a local church.
"D" and "J" start courtship.
"D" and "J" get engaged.
"D" wants the wedding to take place withen 2 MONTHS.
"D" comes to me, she wants a wedding dress sewn.
What is there to DO except order 6 yards of silk online and just DO IT?

So...I sew....and sew... and wedding dress sewing is not easy.
But for a friend?
Well....that is life.
That is good ol' unexpected, but ever adventurous LIFE!

So pray this dress works out...that everything works from design to putting together.

And one MORE thing about life.
I got an unexpected camera, for better photos and new you tube videos. Lots of historical fashion vids coming your way.