Friday, November 28, 2014

November In Focus

November! Ah such a bittersweet month!
You brought frost and snow, and swept away the beautiful gold of fall.
And yet, what happiness you contained, filled to the brim with unexpected pleasures!
I turned another year.
I gave thanks.
I give thanks.
To God.
For the many joys,
Some of which are below......
Patterns of delight from Larkin and Smith....

A fabric tea-pot fashioned by a friend....

Flutter Felt creatures I stitch...and stitch....
Given some love to my favorite Love Experts...

Fascination for sheers, lace and pin tucks...

Washing repairing and re-curling the lovely locks of a sweet little lady....

 Letting go and sealing up, the burdens of the past....

Gathering the Glitter and Sparkle for the coming  performances...

 Stitching Christmas love during corners of quiet time....

What were some blessings from your November?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Alure of India--Regency Sari Dress

 Hello Readers!
I finally have the pictures of my Early Regency Sari dress to share with you! When I was a child, I played dress-up quite a bit. However, usually, I dressed up from India. I was fascinated by anything Indian. I collected many outfits, tunic, pieces of saris, from thrift stores! I also had bangles for my ankles and bindis for my forehead. My friend and I always played Princesses from India. There was something very exotic and alluring about that far-off land. Now, as I am older, I know that India, and its goods, have allured people for hundreds of years. 

Regency folks especially, loved India's fine fabrics.Woman fashioned their frocks from lovely Sari shawls and prints. I used existing inspiration and my own creative engines to draft and sew this dress. I hope you like it!

I was given this Sari by a lovely woman who lives in India. 
The dress has a crossover bodice, a deeply pleated skirt back, detachable belt and short, puffed ball sleeves. 
 The waist is fitted, but has a slight drawstring to take in ease for an extra-goof fit.The back bodice closes with hooks and eyes. 
 The dress is lined with a lovely rosy taffeta. There is a chain which hangs from my belt and has a reticule purse and cameo attached.
  The border of the hem is the border of the Sari edge!
  The Sari top-layer dress is so light a flowy and great to dance in I can see why people in the Regency, and even earlier, were fascinated, and intrigued by anything Indian. It must have felt exotic, luxurious, and a bit mysterious, to clothe oneself with fabric from so far away. The print, designs, textures---so unique and alluring.

P.S--I was told on a Regency board, that my make-up through off the look, so please excuse the lipstick. lol!