Sunday, March 8, 2015

Civil War Reenactment & Outfit Post

 (It was a cold, windswept day, late one February Morning at the Northern camp on site at the 2015 Battle for Valverde Reenactment)

 Battle for Valverde 
2015 reenactment
 Once again we attended the reenactment "Battle for Valverde", one of two battles which took place in NM, the western most campaign of the Civil War. The original battle took  place February 20-21 1862, just outside Socorro NM.
Our reenactment this year was on the bleak side, as weather throughout NM prevent the entire Southern camp (except for one man!) from making it to the camp site! Wheph! 
The straggling Union camp made it, only to camp in negative temperatures all night! 
In the morning, we, unfortunately, had no battle, but we did have an awesome cannon demo and toured the Northern campsite a bit.

 The Union side did a great job demo-ing and explaining to a nice crowd which had gathered, despite chilly temperatures.

A group of sweet, collage-age students (mostly girls lol) did a fantastic job actually firing the cannon.

Here I am in front of the cook-fire and tent.

I made a new outfit this year. A sheer Garabaldi bouse and matching skirt along with my plaid apron (which I made earlier last year) and hat.
 The rest of the day went even better. I helped to host our annual Civil War Tea and Fashion Show, where I did my first  1860's fashion demo. I changed into 3 sets of clothing for our tea guest, complete with hoop skirt, bonnets and all the extras.

Also,(for your viewing pleasure!)  here is a video which I filmed before the days events...of me getting dressed for the reenactment! Enjoy!

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P.S Have you ever been to any reenactments? Let me know via ca comment!