Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Language of Flowers-Outfit Post

"Your life is a poem, let God fill in the verses"

When I was about 16 years old, I wanted to be a botanist.
 I would take long tramps around our neighborhood during spring and photograph all the flowers in every-bodies lawn, probably breaking some sort of "no trespassing" law. Thankfully no one seemed to mind much and I was very well entertained that summer. My family was not blessed with the ever covetous "green thumb"  but my Mother has always been fond and proud of her roses, which she has always maintained in the three different houses we have lived in.
Her roses are just coming out.
 I for one love the language of flowers and what they mean. So wonderful to read books on the subject, such as my copy of Kate Greenaways Language of Flowers. A little worn around the edges, it is much loved.
 My outfit post is an outfit from yesterday when I wore my new peach skirt I found at the thrift store. I could not believe a found such a perfect "me" skirt in the perfect size. I actually owe its discovery to my dear sister Emily who spotted it when I did not. This proves that thrifting with two is better than thrifting alone. Its a scavenger hunt that requires a team! Add a belt and some vintage peach beads (also found by my sis) and you are set.

 Lace Inset Shirt-Thrifted// Peach Skirt-Thrifted//Necklace-Thrifted//Belt-Catos

God Bless you!
Lexi and Olaf
P.S What is your favorite flower? Mine are orchids.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hope for Tomorrow-Outfit Post

"Problems in the Promised Land doesn't mean your not in your Promised Land!"
  Wow! How time fly's! 
Churching...(is that a word?)
Drinking lots of tea!

And amid all the joy of it all...
Discouragement sometimes seeps in...

I don't know why doubt sometimes clings to our minds, mostly at the edges, not at the forefront, but  vaguely in the background. And I wonder if ladies are more vulnerable to this sort of thing.  Are we more susceptible to fear, doubt and insecurity? I think in some ways we may be. 
I find that at night, I struggle. But In the morning I find joy.
Sometimes rays of hope come with the morning sun.
Hope for today.  And at night, I tell myself to remember, the Hope for Tomorrow.

I wanted to share a simple spring outfit with you all. I really like navy and white because it goes great with my favorite colors, coral, peach and orange. It is neutral, without being...well....boring!
Like most of my clothes, this outfit consists of thrifted pieces. I love recycling and am a penny pincher so it works well. 

I got a nice (and modest lengthed!) navy striped dress and put it with my favorite infinite scarf...which has become almost akin to a security blanket for me! My mom got it for me last year and I wear it so much well, maybe I should wash it more!
Dress-thrifted//Scarf-Gift//Owl necklace-Gift//Purse-Thrifted//Shoes-Walmart

 Hope you all are doing well, I love reading your blogs too! God Bless you and may He help you find peace in where He has you today!
Lexi and Olaf

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beautiful Easter

 He Lived,
 He Loved,

  He Suffered,
He Died,

He Rose in Three Days,

My Jesus Lives!

Happy Easter Everyone!