Saturday, March 26, 2016

Garland Prayer

 Praise the Lord, my only boast,
May His Spirit be like a garland on my head,
Breathing into my heart a compassion and tenderness hitherto unknown,
May my lips be full of grace,
 the air I exhale like peace,
My eyes, Lord make them see others,
Fill this vessel with goodness,
Ready to pour out in service,
May Your Spirit be as a garland on my head.
 ~Amen ~

Copied from my prayer journal

Dear folks, this will indeed be my Easter post! Tomorrow I will be attending a sunrise service with thousands of Jesus-lovers, going then to my own dear church, and continuing on to our family cookout. My baby cousin, a grandma who just was released from the hospital and friends who will celebrate the RISEN, these are indeed wondrous things. 

I made this crown for Easter, and during a hard and beautiful day  realized that what I want my head to be crowned with is not just mere flowers but with God's grace. I have such a long way to go, but I trust that out God is not only strong enough to save us, but to refine us into who we must become.
Oh the comfort of being in His hands!

Much love and blessings to you,


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Get to Know Me -A Tag

The lovely Paige over at Sunday Best and All the Rest tagged me, and I am sitting down  now to catch some rest and write it in a blog post!

Today was one of those rare days when you feel every range of emotion from failure, to succes! It is indeed an experience to be human, to feel, to love to think over life. I am never weary of wonderment. Never at a lose for awe. Though my feet get tired, though my mind asks questions, there is always this-eyes to see and wonder. 
How strange we mortals be! 

As this is Holy Thursday, going into Good Friday, the wonderment of Easter fills the mind. Beyond me! So beyond me. Beyond my capability to handle it all, to process it all. 

 I am so happy to be here. Thankful for you bloggers. Thankful for life. There is so much beauty, and as Easter has taught us, there would not be beauty and goodness without the discomforts we face.


Best Friend: I had some wonderful early friends. But going back really far, it would be my imaginary friend, Reeny. He was about 2 inches tall and a mailman. He lived in our tree.
Award: Um! I won a first place ribbon for science fair in first grade! Believe it or not I was public schooled until second grade!
Sport: Dance, ever since my first VHS copy of Riverdance when I was four! Although I have always loved to recreational swim.
Real Holiday: Probably flying to Vermont to visit my cousins at their summer home by the lake. I was four, and this trip remains emblazoned in my memory because I almost drowned during this trip (thank you Nicki for saving me!)
Concert: Like actual legit concert? I can't remember if it was SuperChick ( popular Christian pop/rock band in the early 2000's) or Newsboys. One of the two.


Jane Eyre, but YOU already know that!
TV Show: Currently I am obsessed with The Great British Baking Show. Really bad thing to watch, it will make you jump up, halt life, and bake biscuits! (Just ask my MOTHER--who, granted, has yet to complain!)
Color: Really like to wear navy and coral, but am very found of the whole spectrum of oranges, yellows and peach hues.
Song: I love "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic. I mean it has the Lord's Prayer in it! How cool is that? Also love Enya's new CD (Dark Sky Island), and Celtic Woman.
Restaurant: It's called "Annie's Soup Kitchen" and it's an old-fashioned lunch place that has sandwiches and the best French Onion soup ever! It is where my mother and I go together, so it's kind of a special place in my heart!
Books: The Collected Poem of William Wordsworth

Feeling: Amazed! A lot has happened today!
Single or Taken? Single. Haven't minded it so far.
 Eating: On our way to go out to dinner!
Watching: My fam watched a movie called "Tracks" about a girl who walked 2,000 miles across Australia with four camels in the 1970's.
 Wearing: One of my homemade dresses and pink cardigan.


Want Children? Yes! I  have a couple names picked out.
Want to be Married? Yes, of course.
Careers in Mind: Just keep doing my sewing thing. I love the theater I work at part time.
Where do you want to live? Here in my hometown. Never been one for wanting to leave where my family is. But, God knows best.

Do You Believe In:

God: I would hope that is apparent!
Miracles: Yes!
Love at first sight: Good question. (Paige worded this so perfectly, my thinking is similar to hers) There is a physical attraction that can happen almost instantly. And if you don't think that, just wait till it happens to you, or take other people's word for it! God can use that. However we all know way more is required. I do know for a fact that you can be attracted to somebody and not pursue anything because you have standards. That is a TRUTH that society doesn't believe very much. But it is possible. 
Ghosts: Holy Ghost? ;) I believe in Him.
Aliens: Little green men? Nah. We have Star Trek for that.
Heaven: It's our hope!
Hell:  Yes.
Kissing on the first date:  Yeah, that would be a no ;)
Yourself: I'm just thankful right now, and really looking forward to Easter!

My Tags:
I tag you! Please do it if you want to!  



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Civil War Dress 2016


Battle for Valverde 2016 

Two weekends ago was the reenactment folks! Yes! Tis true, it took me that long to post this!
I had such a lovely time, and though this past week has been hard, I wanted to begin this new week on the right foot. Or, at least, on a happy foot!
I worked on my new plaid dress after work and in between my very crazy February schedule.
February was good, but such a busy (too busy!) month! I sewed the dress in a month, which is usually plenty of time, but it was a stretch for me this time around.
It did not hurt that I had SNAGGED a 9 yard bolt of this plaid last summer for $12!
While madras plaid is not really period correct, it is 100% cotton and when it was sewn up, looks pretty period.
At least, I think so!
 I used a wonderful Laughing Moon pattern. 
(Shown above with the pagoda sleeve option!) 
I recommend this pattern, with the warning that the darts in the bodice are cute really deep! 
There are some "remedies" for this in the package (wink-wink) but I would have just rather cut a size smaller and adjusted the darts to fit better.
The coat sleeves (read more on them here) was the main reason I bought this pattern last summer when I had extra Etsy money.
So worth it!
 I love the curved "straight" sleeves of this period!
 (Coat sleeves, trimmed in black velvet ribbon)

It also came with a pocket for the ages!
I will never sew a dress I plan to wear around the camp grounds without a pocket again! No purse was needed, and I looked very historical without my phone in sight! (Although it was there!)
Anyhootle, we drove down to the small town it was held near on Friday night, rested in our hotel, and spend the entire Saturday participating at the various events! 

Here's my My Mother-dear and I at the battle sight! She is my best friend, love her so much!

We went to eat after that, and here is how I eat nachos in my outfit....
Padre lent me his shirt!

After being outside for the battle (and eating nachos!), we went to an old, historic "opera" house and held our tea/fashion show and then our ball. We call it a "fandango" out here in the west!
Back view of dress and swiss waist belt....
Side view...

The tea was loevly, and I helped host the fashion show this year as well. 
The ball was super LOVELY, and I danced from 6:30-10 pm. Sorry I do not have pictures of my ball-dress, I was in a bit of a rush.
 Of the 6 years I have attended this event,  it was really the best so far! People are gaining interest in it, and we had a great turn out from the non-reenacting community. 

To document this day, I have a simple video to share,
~ever enjoying life~