Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Style 6// Denim and Roses

Hello Folks!
I am trying to eek in another summer style post before the close of this month!
I do hope you enjoy this one, as it is a new fav of mine!

Outfit details: 
Skirted Vest-Thifted//Shirt and Capris-Thrifted//Coral flats-Payless//Necklace-gift

When my mother suggests going to the thrift store, I hardly ever say no, and I rarely walk out empty handed. I loved this skirted vest so very much!
See the cute tie back?

I like to leave the lower buttons undone in general, but here you have a more detailed look at the inside: Fully lined! 

A few months ago my old floral barrette from high school resurfaced and I have been cherishing having it back! 

Now to show off my new accessory ....
I had to show it off in this post! My fanny-pack with fringe!
I was given this by a 93 year-old friend.
How awesome is that?

Corals and light browns go together well I think.

So, what do you think of this outfit?
Much love

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Style 5// Sewing A Pinterest Skirt

Hello lovely people!
I have been in need of a plain, "go-to" skirt that would go with anything and everything I own, be easy to work in, and reach long enough that I can kneel comfortably.

In June I had a pinterest "Ah-ha!" moment when I saw this tutorial for a simple pocketed skirt.'s tutorial has the instructions for making these pocketed skirts, as well as detailed measurements for various child and adult sizes.

And although I personalized some other elements of the skirt, the pockets were kept the same.
(My version)
The pockets look like they go all the way to the hem, and create a striking look!

I bought 2 yards of chambray (the original pattern calls for linen) at Hobby lobby, a zip and some interfacing.
The total was under $15 as the material was on sale 1/2 off.
(My supplies--excuse the floral wire (that's for a different project!!)

(My creative area!)
 The skirt is super distinctive, functional and easy to wear (and care for!)
It can be worn almost year round in my home climate, and
it's gone to church, on errands, to work and even on evenings out.
Here is a bit about my version:

My pattern was drafted on printer paper which was taped together. I used the tutorial measurement charts, but added some over all length to make sure my hem would be below my knees. Here are the measurements I used. (I cut wider panels than my measurements called for, as I wanted a fuller look)
I remember not having to add as much length as I thought I would have to. The fact that I drafted a thicker waistband also helped.

(my pattern)
(waistband SA =-how much you need to attach your zipper to the back. I needed 5/8 inch on either side)

I pleated the front and back panels to a fitted waistband for a slimming look. Gathers onto an elastic waistband would give me too much of a muffin look!
NOTE: The side panels were still gathered so that the pockets would lie flat.

( I started with an inverted box pleat in center, and worked directional pleating from there)

My waistband pieces were both interfaced and sewn along the top edge to connect.
The below mid-construction picture shows how I edged the inside waistband with lace.
I turned it to the inside and slip stitched it down. Pretty lace now decorates the inside for added detail.

This is an inside detail shot that shows how the pocket cleverly stops before it reaches the hem.
It's only from the front that it appears like a straight cut!
My tie was added as an after thought and is just a long strip of fabric, sewn down to the side of the waistband. The end in my left hand is longer because it wraps around my back to tie in front.

It ties in front, like so! I am a sucker for bows and hate to waste any ta-da!

This was such a useful skirt to make, and I am so pleased with it. A pleated, below the knee skirt is by far the type of skirt I need the most in my closet. I will probably make one in navy next.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
~Yours Ever Creating~

What does your dream skirt look like? 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

When You Step On A Hornet's Nest....

"The most wonderful thing about putting your hand over your mouth is that your foot can't get in..."

Good heavens.
Have you ever been part of a conversation where people are chit-chatting and someone says something and it's like...BOOM!

No names need to be said. No meanness needs to be implied.
But without realizing it, the hornets nest opens and the stingers are flying?

And it's a super big deal.
And sometimes, no one really knows what is going on, or how this wounded a tender heart, but it did and now you are cleaning up a big, emotional mess?


Tuesday at dance we had a great practice.
We danced hard, sweated hard, learned hard.

9pm struck, class ended and we all gathered around for our group meeting.
I know we are all adults or older teens, but hey, circle time has always been a good thing for us.

The conversation started by one of our sweet "veteran" dancers expressing her love and appreciation for our class. Our studio is very much a "family" and that was expressed.
But somewhere along the lines, as group discussion ensued and other (well-meaning) themes were pursued, hurt feelings suddenly popped up.

Without anyone realizing it.

It was as if someone pulled an invisible trigger.
And the ensuing shot startled everyone.

And it was so, so sad.

And the hornets started buzzing and everyone was just caught there.
In the middle.

Feeling the sting.

Most people not knowing what was going on, and only a few clued in to what might be.

So, after recollecting,
I have some thoughts on what to do (I hope!) if I ever find myself in such a similar situation.

Because it can all happen suddenly. 
And clean-up should not be messier than it needs to be. It will, no doubt, be messy enough.

When You Step On a Hidden Hornet's Nest

1. Identify what just happened. Before anything else happens, before anger or tearful responses start flying out of your mouth, mentally realize that you stepped on something sensitive. 

 2. Pray silently over the situation. You just recognized this is a tricky, messy situation, and now you need wisdom. It can be a quick prayer, but pray for God's help in resolving this. "Help God!" is not without benefit.

3. Think about what the other person says, before you respond. Really try to hear their point. Be attentive and listen to the other person's heart. Maybe not what they actually say, but what they really mean. It is going to be more uncomfortable to do this, but you will probably regret any immediate outburst on your part.

4. Keep your words few and keep them kind.  Acknowledge where the other person is coming from, and clarify if need be. Depending on the situation, you may need to say certain things. But keep it Christ-like. You are working toward reconciliation. If you are in the group, but not part of the initial discussion, I recommend keeping quiet unless what you have to add can help de-escalate the matter.

5. Be patient during the uncomfortable bits, but try to work towards closure, not toward a deeper argument. I hate conflict. And my family can attest to the fact that I will speed up the closure part in order to exit an uncomfortable situation. I just hate messy conversations. I actually held my head in my hands while listening to this play out. And I squirmed. But sometimes these things take time. However, hashing other problems that might have arisen during the discussion should probably be avoided at this time. Be moving toward a conclusion. 

6. Apologize for the misunderstanding, and your casual words. I realize some people do not believe in apologizing unless you are blatantly at fault, but sometimes (such as in this case) it helps to apologize for a misunderstanding. It is almost a curtesy to the other person. If you are at fault, apologize for the fault. Someone actually did this, and it was so impressive. I have never seen a 16 year old act so calmly and maturely. Responsibility taken is a marvel to watch. 

7. Try to close on a positive note and then take some time alone to chill. If you can give the person a smile or handshake/hug, do so. Then, get yourself some place where you can have quiet time. Take a walk. Or go to your car (like me) and call your mom for some extra prayer. If you can, get yourself in a place where you can read scripture and pray again over the issues.

I would love to say all these things come naturally to me. Or that if I had to deal with this type of thing alone, I would not blabber myself into further confusion. But I can only say that I want to hone these skills. I want to be a peacemaker. And, as hard as it may be, one has to live through these things to learn how to navigate them. 

It is true I was mighty uncomfortable even though I was not really part of this discussion. Also, I was super impressed by how the main people responded to help the injured person. I see that it is a true GIFT to have the composure to not respond in emotion. My hope is that I can someday handle a situation like this with similar grace.

So anyway...a lot of life lessons on the blog lately!
A lot of stuff to pray about too.

I want to be a peacemaker.
Not an emotional responder.

How about you?

Much love,
~Peace to YOU~


Sunday, August 7, 2016


"Summer is most beautiful to people, after the fact."

When you look backwards. It is then you really can see it.

And when I look over my shoulder...this is what I see...

Two girls, curled up on a white iron bed.
Hair blowing from whirling fan.
Comforter lopsided. Pillows strewn. Feet kicked up.
Laughter, deep discussion, serious planning, determined ideas, tearful prayers.
Swirling together in unison.
Parting later, not knowing if one will choose the right path yet hoping the other said something to help.

Long drives, crammed in a long van. 
Infant child tasting her first of  many future summers trips.
Church camp beauty. Rain splattering. Thunder cracking.
Wooded forests. Mountains Peaking.
Long walks up gravel paths, lugging bibles and pushing strollers.
Children coming to you with dripping eyes, and searing questions.
A speaker with powerful truths and a kind voice.

First motorcycle rides. Zip lining upside down and Christian Rap concerts.
Witnessing like never before over food never tried before. 
Gathering up your guts, and spilling out the truth.
Decision-making and  hard path choosing.

Drawing closer to sister. Learning what it feels like to unite.
To kneel on hotel floors and cry and laugh and cry some more...
 and then be safe in the silence.
Finally feeling like one. 
Not sisters in name only...but in spirit too.

Close friends getting engaged. Wedding dress shopping, and diamond ring admiring.
Toasting and blessing. Glad hearts, and hopeful planning.
Relief and excitement. Thankfulness to God.

Vacationing and TV sabbaticals.
Feet wading in river streams.
And hot coco in July.
Car rides with blaring music. And fluffy dogs panting.
Fireworks and baseball stadiums. Huge revivals and fireside conversions.
Tea dates and card making. 
Book reading, and porch-chilling.
Long chats with out-of-state friends----
remembering times past...and dreaming of times still yet to be.


I am finding things of the familiar are more precious when times change.
And what matters becomes clearer with age.

I see that some expectations really aren't important after all.
That perceptions can change overnight. That the blinds can be lifted, and focus shifted. 
In an instant the things you once insisted were vital, matter very little indeed.

That old hurts turn petty, and though they still ache, you do not tear scabs off and rehash the past.

That letting a comment "slide" takes character. And being a gracious woman means making that split-second decision to smile and not speak.

That hurt can be half as much what you make of it as what actually happened.

That good feelings must be watered. And forgiveness spread generously. 
And the change always starts first.... with you.

That growing in Christ, though painful at first, yields peace and rest latter on.
That the struggles under gone even 5 months ago, prove now well worth it.
And what God speaks as truth, you must hold fast to.

With Much Love, and Great Joy,
(and relief that I have as much nostalgia to hoard up from this summer as last summer)