Friday, October 21, 2016

Blogger Recognition Award

Hello my dear people,
how are you doing?

 I am popping in today to thank dear Miss March for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition award and tag. That was super sweet my friend!
 What is this all about you ask?

Here's the deal:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Tell a little bit about how you started blogging.
-Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
-Nominate 15 other bloggers.
How it started:
 I was around 14 the day my friend's mother came over and helped me set up my first account on the now defunct site "Homeschool Blogger". 
She was (and still is) quite the writer and walked me through the process of passwords and formatting until I had my very own space to have and to hold. 
Overtime I learned bits about html coding and that day I figured out how to create my own gravatar-
 I thought I was really something special!
My best friend at the time also had her own blog, and while her passion for it died away eventually, mine firmly stuck. A few years later I took the step and switched to a blogspot account and the rest is history! 
 Advice #1:
My first piece of advice comes from someone who has been blogging for the long haul-from early teens well into adulthood:
Allow your blog to grow and change as you grow and change.
From the get-go, let this be your mindset.
Since many girls start blogging early, it stands to reason that as they grow, graduate, get married, start working or have a family, their blogs will change.
This can be scary because your readership and the circle of people you follow might change as well. 
Posting schedules and topics (even opinions) can change over time, and it can be uncomfortable for the blogger and her readership. 
I remember the dread of finding a favorite blog shut down, and the disappointment when someone's interests changed and her blog didn't feel the same. 
Granted, sometimes there is reason to be a little sad or concerned, 
but change is part of growth--and can be really beautiful when accepted.

Advice #2:
Don't bind yourself to a rigid posting schedule.
Goals are great. But here is the deal--
posting schedules are not mandatory, and we won't fire you if you miss a week.
I missed the official memo that posting schedules were a thing, and so I never really have stuck to one, and that has been one less thing to worry over in my life. 
And please remember, you do not have to apologize (unless you want to!) if you are absent from blogging for awhile.
Most of us reasonable people totally understand!
I don't know if I have 15 people to nominate, but here it goes!

If you haven't already done this, and are so inclined, have fun doing the tag.
And if I didn't tag you, and you want to-I tag YOU.

Much love,

(All the pictures in this post are from a recent trip I took with my friends, Samantha and Julie. It was such fun! Girls, take advantage of your free weekends, it the stuff life-long memories are made of!)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Creativity Lately-The Finer Things

 Hello friends,
I have two special projects to share with you all today.
These were both gifts to two fabulous people in my life.
First off is Lisa's bridal veil.
 When she asked me earlier this summer if I would sew her veil, I honestly knew very little about such things.
I agreed but was a bit skeptical about my ability to pull it off.
 This was probably for the best because I researched and planned the whole project very thoroughly before starting.
After some minor,
 panic when it came time to sew down the ribbon with clear thread, it actually turned out really well.
Especially for a first time, I feel like this project was a success.
Note: sewing with plastic thread is a pain and a bother-but the results are super pleasing.
 The veil is a slightly longer than finger-tip length and has a blusher.
I went ahead and drafted a pattern rather than trying to evenly cut it freehand.
Now I have a base pattern to use for future friends if they need my help.
And even with buying fabric samples and more ribbon than needed, it still cost under $20 to make.
I love how it drapes and I am glad I was able to bless my friend.

Secondly, and taking up the better part of a year,
I completed a counted cross stitch.
I started cross-stitching last year, and this is the hardest thing I have made.
Maybe it's the fact that the stitches are so small, or that I am new to this craft, but this was not an easy project for me.
The finished  piece is actually very small, and it came in a packaged kit,
but I sewed on it (on and off) for most of the year.
My friend Samantha ADORES Beauty and the Beast, and this year is the 25th anniversary of the Disney cartoon.
So, it was a timely gift.
 I am excited to report she loved it.
 It meant as much to her as it did to me, so that was very nice.

Both these gifts stretched me in the area of detail work, but I was glad to grow a bit in my skill set.
I am more motivated now to take on gifts for other people.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
What do you think?
Much Love,

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How To//Wedding Wreath

Hello lovely people!

With the upcoming nuptials of our dear friend and house-mate Lisa, we have been in wedding prep mode.
Parties and packing and arranging and sooooooo many bottles of sparkling cider!

In todays's post I thought I'd share how to make a wreath. This is one method out of countless, and although I make these primarily as wedding gifts, you can make them just for decoration. 

You will need:
-A grapevine wreath 
-Wired wide ribbon
-A garland of flowers/leaves
-Larger flowers
-Decorations i.e. little birdies or a small chalkboard sign
-Hot glue
-A form of wire to make a hanger in the back

Let's Get Started
Start by taking your wide ribbon and winding it around your wreath base.

Secure the tail end neatly in the back with hot glue.

Next take your long garland and assess your wreath. This time I cut my garland into sections and tucked them into every other ribbon row . I secured with plenty of glue. 
Alternatively, you can wrap the garland whole around the wreath. Play around till you find something that looks pleasing.

Take your larger flowers and place in odd numbers wherever you want. 
I used two sets of three flowers and placed them diagonally from each other.

Add your sign with a small bit of floral wire. This sign was placed to the side of the center front. 

Make a loop "hanger" in the back of the wreath by weaving some wire through the grapevine and twisting ends together.  
 This handy "vine-wire" available at hobby lobby is my new favorite item to use.

At this point, I found it helpful to hang my wreath up and figure out the placement of  my critters, 
Glue in place.

And then you should end up with a lovely wreath.

I hope you liked this project, it is simple yet very pleasing.
All of my friends seem to have really enjoyed these as presents because they can use them as home decor after the wedding. 

Hopefully this inspires someone to try it.
And please make sure to use your half-off coupons at your craft store!

Much love,