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Friday, January 5, 2018

My Transitional Stays (1795-1800)

A New Project is here! I have been sewing a pair of transitional stays of late, based on an exact garment. This was such an interesting, and at times, frightening, project. I have never boned so much! My stays are VERY comfortable and fit well, Praise God! These are a better style than my short stays, as they offer more support. The large cups are better for me than those gussets in my short stays. I know this stay has been widely recreated, and now I understand why. I love the support and longer length. I actually used an old Tudor stay pattern, and altered it big time. You don't recognize it as the same pattern! I did not want to buy a pattern to make these, all though Past Patterns has one available. The result was not identical to the exact garment, but very close!  

 Back of Stays- I boned more than called for in both the back and front.
Straps, I like the thin straps-very nice and easy to conceal under a dress!
Lacing on front and bottom binding. There are no tabbies on the center front!
Boning channels under bust.
Tabbies-so cute!
There you have it! Enjoy!

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